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What stack is WeWeb using?

Once published your website is compiled in a vue.js app. We add all your page contents in the first loaded file as Goolgle preconises for SEO reason.

WeWeb app is full Javascript. Vue.js for the front-end ans Node.js for the back-end.

How can I add a CRM chat box to my website?

Just open the settings panel on the left by clicking on "settings" in the bottom left. Then click on settings, then script in head and paste the code that was provided by the SaaS you are using (Hubspot, drift, etc.)

How can I update my description for Google and other search engines?

Open the settings panel on the left and click on "pages". Click on SEO for the relevant page and click on meta data. Visually update the meta data for each language and check out the Google preview!

Can I host my files myself?

Yes! If you want to download your files so you can host them yourself, please send an email to marc@weweb.io and specify the name of your website.

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