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One of the big trends of Webdesign is to add animations to your site in order to energize it and offer a better experience to your visitors.
With WeWeb it is possible to animate all the elements of your website.
How to animate your elements?
To animate an element of your page, click on the element in question.
A pop - up appears, click on"Options"then choose"Animations".
Take the example of an image.

To animate an image, click on the image, a pop-up appears:

click on
then choose
From this interface, click on "PRESET" and access the different types of preconceived animations.
View each animation directly to your left.

Once the preset selected you can customize it by adding more options or even create your own tailor-made animations and confirm your choice by clicking ok.

To view your animation on your page, simply click on the play button next to the icon
This principle of animation works in the same way for all the elements
except to animate text.

How to animate text?
To animate text, place your mouse cursor where you want to animate text.
A text editing bar appears, click on the orange icon as shown
pictured below.
Appears again the pop - up that you start to know click on "Options" and there find the different options to animate your text.
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