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Adding Elements
Customize your template
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Edit your elements
First of all switch the section your want to edit on edit mode by clicking on

To add a new element to a section, place your mouse cursor where you want to add your element and click on
then a window opens with options you to add the element of your choice it can be: text, imag, button etc .....
Click on the element of your choice and it will be added directly to your page.
Let's add here for example an image below this text
Switch to edit mode by clicking on the pen icon
Then click on
to open the elements window and choose
An empty image has just been added below the text, all you have to do is replace it with another image selected from your image library.
This addition principle is the same for all elements of the window.
How to replace one element by another?
You can also change the type of an added element.
For example, if you want to change the previous added image into a video, just click on the image and then click on "Options" in the pop-up menu.
Choose the option "CHANGE OBJECT TYPE".
And choose the video in the elements window .
The image has just been turned into a video.

Each element can be transformed into another element on your page.
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