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Introduction to the editor


Introduction to the editor

WeWeb is a website editor, which allows you to easily create your website which will be fully functional and to quickly update its content (text, image, video etc) without requiring programming skills. Let's find out how it works.

If you don't have an account yet, go [[wwLink = {"linkExt": "https://login.weweb.app/"} | text = here]]on our registration page, and register using your email address.

Registration and site creation are free.

Once your site is created it will appear as a map.

Click on the map and access your"Dashboard".It is the dashboard of your site which allows you to manage all its parameters.

How to access the editor?

From the dashboard, access the editor by clicking on [[wwObject=2]]

Once open your site appears in the editor as seen by your visitors, this is more commonly known as WYSIWYG = What you see is what you get (what you see is what that you obtain) .

The site is made up of different pages and each page is itself made up of different sections represented by a blue pen-shaped icon [[wwObject = 5]]

How to edit a section?

To edit a section click on its pen and all the elements of the section become editable.

For example :

[[wwObject=7]]If you want to modify the text, click on a text zone and add your text, a text bar accompanies you in the layout of your text as in a normal text editor such as Word.

[[wwObject = 8]] If you want to modify an element other than text, click on the element in question a pop-up appears and accompanies you to carry out the action you wish to perform.

For example: If you want to add margins to an image, click on the image so that a small pop-up appears, choose "Margins" in the pop up and add margins to your image.

When you click on"Options"in the pop-up a window opens and offers you several options.

Always to accompany you a description tells you what each option corresponds to.

For example :

-Select imageallows you to download a new image from your computer.

-Change image styleallows you to modify the appearance of the image (add filters, borders ...)

[[wwObject=8]]This logic is the same for all the elements and all the actions on your site.

Click on an element that you want to modify and a pop-up accompanies you to carry out the desired action.

How do I add a new section?

Because it is your site and it must be your image you can freely add new sections to your page for more customization.

And always to support you, we provide you with a library of ready-to-use sections that you can add to your site in one click. You will find everything, aPortfoliosectionto present your beautiful photos or aTestimonialsectionto display what your customers say about you.

To add a new section click on [[wwObject=8]] a left pane opens. To open the section library , click on"ADD SECTION"as shown in the image below.

Once opened, all you have to do is select the section you like and add it with a click on your page.

[[wwObject=8]] In this Websitedesignates all the sections available in the chosen topic.

[[wwObject=8]] WeWebdesignates all the sections of the different themes developed by WeWeb.

How to order the sections?

By default the section is at the very bottom of your page, click again on [[wwObject=9]] and bring up the pane on the left.

Then drag the burger menu of the section of your choice to move it and place it where you want on the page.

Ready to have fun? Create your site [[wwLink = {"linkExt": "https://login.weweb.app/"} | text = WeWeb]] now!

Create a site


Create a site

That's it you are finally ready to create your first site but you still don't know where to start? Don't worry, we're here to help.

How to register on WeWeb?

To start register for free on WeWeb by clicking[[wwLink = {"linkExt": "https://login.weweb.app/"} | text = here]].

Once your account is created, log in using your username and password.

How to create a site?

Once connected click on [[wwObject=6]] to access a varied and 100% customizable selection of site template that we provide. Click on"PREVIEW"and preview each model.

Have you found your happiness? Click on"CHOOSE"to launch your choice.

Then give a name to your site, for example (my-super-site) then click ok.

[[wwObject=1]] Please note that your site name must not contain spaces or special characters.

Congratulations you have just created your new site! It appears in the form of a map.

How to duplicate a site?

Suppose you want not one but two sites, because you want to target two different targets. To create a new site you have the possibility of taking as a model the first by duplicating it nothing simpler.

Click again on [[wwObject=1]] then on the "MY WEBSITE"taband choose the map of the first site created by clicking on"CHOOSE"as if you were choosing a site template.

Once chosen, rename without space and without special characters the new site for example copiedemon-super-site and click ok.

And There you go ! Your new site has just been created and a new card has been added next to the first card.

[[wwObject=2]] Each card therefore corresponds to a different project. And each site can serve as a model for a new project.

Ready to become an expert in website creation? Create your site [[wwLink = {"linkExt": "https://login.weweb.app/"} | text = WeWeb]] now!

Publishing & version management


Publishing & version management

You have just made a modification on your site but you regret having saved too quickly and want to return to the previous version?

All is not lost, we offer a simple way to return to the old version of your site.

Pre-production vs Production

When you create your site with WeWeb, we create two versions of this site.

[[wwObject=0]]Pre-production:it can be considered as the draft version of your site that you can share with your internal collaborators before making it public.

[[wwObject = 1]] Production:This is the final version of your site, the one that is visible online by your customers.

Why two versions?

Simply because when you make changes to your site, the changes happen first in a draft version, pre-production, which you can share internally with your colleagues so that they can approve the changes if necessary.

Once you are satisfied with your changes, simply click on [[wwObject=2]] for them to be visible to your customers.

Backup and checkpoint

At each publication, we make a backup that you can find on your dashboard in the"Backups"tab.

[[wwObject=0]] We save up to 10 simultaneous backups that means that after the 11th backup, the 1st is deleted.

If you wish to save one of the versions permanently to return to it later, you just have to create what we call a"Checkpoint"by clicking on [[wwObject=0]]

[[wwObject = 1]]You can keep up to 5 versions of the site, these versions will never be deleted as long as they are marked as "Checkpoint".

To revert to an earlier version of your site click on [[wwObject = 2]]

Ready to get started? Create your site [[wwLink = {"linkExt": "https://login.weweb.app/"} | text = WeWeb]] now!

Introduction to the editor

Website management

Section editing

Elements Edition


Metadata & Seo

WYSIWYG Editor - Getting started


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