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Introduction to the editor


Introduction to the editor

WeWeb is a website editor, which allows you to easily create a fully functional website and quickly update its content (text, image, video etc.) without the need for programming skills. Let's find out how it works.

If you don't have an account yet, click [[wwLink={"linkExt": "https://login.weweb.app/"} |text=here ]]to register.

Registration and site creation are free.

Once your site is created it will appear as a sticker on your Dashboard. Click on the sticker and manage all the website settings.

How to access the editor

From the website settings, access the editor by clicking on[[wwObject=2]]

Your site is displayed in the publisher as it is seen by your visitors, this is more commonly called WYSIWYG for "what you see is what you get".

Your website is made up of different pages and each page is made up of different sections represented by a blue pen-shaped icon [[wwObject=5]]

How to edit a section

To edit a section click on its pen and all the elements of the section become editable

for example:

[[wwObject=7]] If you want to modify a text, click on a the text zone and add your text, a text bar helps you managing your text as in a normal text editor such as Word.

[[wwObject=8]] If you want to modify an element other than the text, click on the element and a pop-up with options appears to accompanies you to manage the action you wish to perform.

For example: If you want to add margins to an image, click on the image so that a small pop-up appears, choose

 "Margins" and add margins to your image.

When you click on "Options" in the pop-up a window opens with more options.

To help you, a description tells you what each option corresponds to.

For example :

- SELECT IMAGE allows you to download a new image from your computer.

- CHANGE IMAGE STYLE allows you to modify the appearance of the image (add filters, borders ...)

[[wwObject=8]] This logic is the same for all the elements and all the actions.

Click on an element that you want to modify and a pop-up appears to help you to carry out the desired action.

How do I add a new section

You can add new sections to your page for more customization.

WeWeb has a library of ready-to-use web-sections that you can add to your site in one click. For example will find a Portfolio section to present your beautiful photos or a Testimonial section to display what your customers say about you.

To add a new section click on [[wwObject=8]] a panel on the left opens and click on"Add a section" as indicated on the image below to open the section library.

Once opened, all you have to do is select the section you like and add it with a click on your page.

[[wwObject=8]] In this Website designates all the sections available in the chosen topic.

[[wwObject=8]] WeWeb designates all the sections of the different themes developed by WeWeb.

How to order the sections

By default the section is at the very bottom of your page, click again on [[wwObject=9]] and bring up the left panel, then drag the burger menu of the section of your choice to move it and place it wherever you want on the page.

Ready to have fun? Create your site with [[wwLink={"linkExt": "https://login.weweb.app/"} |text=WeWeb ]]now!

Updating sections


Section updates

Because we want to provide our users with an easy to maintain site builder, we are implementing updates features. Continue reading this article to understand how to update your sites & web-sections easily.

Updating sections

When one of the sections is updated by the developer, an orange icon automatically appears next to the relevant section on your site to inform you.

To update the section just click on this icon and a window opens.

Click on "Update" and save your update by clicking on [[wwObject=7]]

Check if you are happy with the update before clicking on "Save page".

General update of the site

We also carry out more general updates.

Click on the bottom left on [[wwObject=9]] to open the left pane.

To update all the sections in one-click, click on "SECTIONS UPDATES"

Make sure that all the sections are selected then click on "Update" and then [[wwObject=11]]

Ready to test? Create your site [[wwLink={"linkExt": "https://login.weweb.app/"} |text=WeWeb ]]now!

Introduction to the editor

Website management

Section editing

Elements Edition


Metadata & Seo

WYSIWYG Editor - Section Editing


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