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Create a site
You are ready to create your first site but you still don't know where to start? Don't worry, we're here to help.
How to register on WeWeb
To start register for free on WeWeb by clicking here.
Once your account is created, log in using your username and password.
How to create a site
Once connected click on "+create new website" to access a selection of website templates. Click on "PREVIEW" to preview each template. Did you find what you like? Click on "CHOOSE" to select the template you want to start with.
Then give a name to your site for example (my-super-site) then click on ok.

Please note that your site name must not contain spaces or special characters.
Congratulations you have just created your new site! It appears as a new sticker in your dashboard.
How to duplicate a site
Suppose you do not want one but two identical sites because you are targeting two different targets. It is very easy to duplicate a site.
Click again on
then on
"MY WEBSITE" choose the sticker of the first site created then click on "CHOOSE" as if you were choosing a site template.
Once chosen, name the new site without space and without special characters for example (copiedemon-super-site) and click ok.
And now your new site has just been created, duplicated from an exisiting site and a new sticker has been added next to the first.
Each card therefore corresponds to a different project. And each site can serve as a model for a new project.
Ready to become an expert in website creation? Create your site WeWeb now!

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